Removing finish from a door the old fashioned way – I now have an up-to-date flow over system – much more effective - does a much better job


Furniture refinishing requires a consideration for both the desired look of the piece as well as the type wood the furniture is constructed of. Certain wood types just don't look right in certain finishes. In addition to considering these two factors when refinishing an antique, you need to consider the age and condition of the antique. Some wood furniture is more delicate than other types furniture so you need to be much more careful or maybe a better word is delicate during the refinishing process. You need to be particularly careful when refinishing fine wood veneer pieces as you can go straight to the substrate, not a good thing. Fine veneer furniture is among the most difficult types of furniture to refinish.
If you are in need of antique furniture refinishing, let us take a look at the piece. We can then tell you whether 1) the piece of furniture can be refinished and 2) the approximate cost of the project.
If your antique needs some repair before refinishing, check out some of my antique furniture repair pics.

Small walnut antique end table – was in pieces and painted white – restored/repaired/refinished

Small mahogany table before

Solid maple antique washstand / cabinet – it was green and the front left raised panel door was split – notice dowel / peg construction

Small mahogany table refinished

Solid maple drop-leaf coffee table my Dad made in 1958 – all hand made (in my living room) refinished (priceless)

Trunk Before

Solid Pine pie safe refinished - in home – this is a rare piece – tin pieces in the door are original

Drawer of hunt board – note dovetail joinery

Trunk inside before

Large solid pine cupboard - very old – was white – refinished – pic in home

Trunk inside after refinishing

Solid Pine Corner Cupboard – very old – notice the raised panel doors – all hand made - refinished – picture in home

Trunk refinished

Solid oak plant stand stripped

Trunk in customer's home

Plant stand refinished

Large wardrobe refinished – in customers home

The below pictures are of refinishing work I did for a fine jewelry store, Ford Gittings and Kane in Rome, GA. Please feel free to stop by the store, located downtown on Broad Street.

The main thing to know is that these display cabinets (low w/ glass) are about 75 yrs old – not only did I refinish the cabinets but the glass and lights were also replaced – the tall cabinets on the wall were attached to each other so the sides were not finished and rough so they had to be covered – plus we put the tops and the crown molding on to set it off – give it class – go by and have a look

Farmhouse style (Pine) dining table with bowback chairs – refinished

Another view of the Farmhouse style dining table and bowback chairs after refinishing

Hunt board associated with above table. This isNorth Ga White Pine – the only place in the world where you can get it!

Large antique hutch – refinished w/ 2 tone milk paint – picture in home

Blanket chest – refinished – notice dovetail construction on sides – very rare – pic in home

Sofa table stripped

Sofa table refinished – in home