This is an old ice box that was in almost un-repairable shape – I did this for an old friend about 10 yrs ago in Huntsville Alabama – One piece I’m really proud of - took me about 6 – 8 wks


Antique furniture restoration not only requires fine craftsmanship but it also requires an understanding of how far you can go in the restoration process to maintain the piece's antique classification. At Colonial Craftsman, our experience and attention to detail insures that your piece maintains its antique classification as well as displays its full potential in your home.

Furniture restoration can be quite difficult depending on the age, condition, wood type as well as the amount of intricate detailing on the piece. However, having said that these antiques can be magnificant if restored correctly. I've had customers almost come to tears when they saw their Grandma's old piece restored to it's original beauty. It's something they can cherish for the rest of their lives as well as pass on to their children and their children's children. How can you put a price on that?

So if you are wondering if it's worth it to have that tattered old antique restored, think about 1) the rarity of such a piece restored to it's original beauty, 2) the memories it holds for you and 3) the ability to share it's beauty and memories with future generations.

Below are pieces done over the years I found after looking thru piles of pics –

3 pics of an old church pew –it sat on the customers (parents) front porch for years before it basically fell apart - before (in pieces) and after I restored it and refinished it

Dining room chairs before restoration

Dining room chair restoration in process

Restoration of Dining room chair backs. I made all the new backs on an overhead router and then glued the chairs back together and refinished. It was a big job - took about 8 wks in all - but came out good

Dining room chairs restoration and refinishing after